An Introduction to AKoin

Cryptocurrencies became a “breaking news” worthy topic in 2017. We saw a rare leap of growth in this new emerging space of financial technology that hasn’t been seen since the “Dot com” bubble in 2000; where share prices of internet focused companies increased astronomically and similarly dropping in dramatic fashion. Subsequently, there are almost 2,000 […]


Is There Such A Thing As “Good Debt”?

It is one of several trending headlines in the business world as of late. It is a hot button topic for many people and unfortunately, it is festering into a problem we’ve never seen before. We are talking about the topic of debt. Debt drives financial markets. It creates and generates cycles of growth and […]

Financial News

Moving Markets, Roiling Rates: What Happened to the Markets in February?

February wasn’t all lovely and rosy to begin with. The mayhem began on February 2nd. The US Labor Department released pretty impressive data on the increase of hourly wages in the previous month. Higher wages for workers = higher prices on good, which in turn = a rise in inflation. Global markets tumbled that day, […]