About Us

WHO Are We?
We are young college graduates with African roots learning to navigate the financial waters of the American system. The mission of The Clever African is to develop and empower a generation of financially literate and socially conscious citizens across the African diaspora.

WHAT are we attempting to accomplish?
“The people perish for lack of knowledge”.  Knowledge is power; lack thereof can be very destructive. There are many who lack a clear understanding of how to properly manage their finances in America, especially in the African-American community. We want to raise the level of awareness and empower our kin to establish a strong financially foundation.

WHERE can you find us?
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WHEN should I look?
We are here to serve and work together to build each other up. Rome was not built in a day, and in the same way your mindset on finance cannot be transformed in a day. We want to address various financial aspects with consistency and organization in order to allow our readers the necessary time to read, understand, and incorporate the written materials into their lifestyle. Let’s grow together!

WHY are we doing this?
By now you understand who we are and what we are doing, but maybe the most important question to ask is simple, why?  As 1st generation African Americans, our parents did not have the opportunity to go through the American school system before transitioning into the workforce. Because of this, we did not have the experiences of others to guide us in certain aspects. Looking also at the Black community in America, we noticed that there are many who lack a sense of direction when it comes to financial management due to complex socio-economic issues. We saw a need. Many of the young people are undereducated when it comes to the handling of money in the United States. Regardless of the diverse causes of this lack of instruction, our purpose is to provide a solution. The truth is many are indeed “perishing for lack of knowledge”. Through our own experiences, we want to provide an avenue by which people can be trained to think like a Clever African.