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A simple 8 letter word that can mean trillions in the financial world. All followers of this blog, every Clever African, should understand the principles of interest. Interest is what causes you to pay $40 for that $20 meal, $30,000 for that $20,000 car, or $500,000 for that $300,000 house. The rich use this concept to become richer while the poor ignore this idea, often leading them into more debt.

High interest rates on student loans, auto loans, or mortgage loans can cripple you financially. On the flip side, receiving interest on your money can put you on a path to financial stability. Having your money generate interest is the driving force behind the stock market. In his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki says it best:

“The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them”.

Today we will give you an opportunity to have your money work for you. According to, the average checkings account gives you only 0.06% annual percentage yield (APY) whereas the average savings account gives you only 0.09% APY. By comparison, your credit card may be charging you a 25% annual percentage rate (APR) to borrow money.

Consider these examples:

You put $10,000.00 into a checking account
The interest rate is 0.06% APY
At the end of the year you now have $10,006.00
Whoah, you made a whopping $6 dollars on interest after 1 full year!!!

By Comparison:

You charged $10,000.00 to your credit card
The card has a 25.00% APR
At the end of the year you now owe $12,807.32
Congratulations, you just fell into deeper debt!!! 🙂

These examples simply highlight the importance of interest rates for both borrowers and lenders. We mentioned that the average checking account APY is 0.06%; we are providing you with an opportunity to open an account that gives you 4% APY. Orion Federal Credit Union (a federally insured institution), has an offer available to residents in particular states. Check it out to see if qualify, if not you can always search for banks around you that have high interest rates. Be a Clever African and allow your money to work for you!


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