Building A LAsting Legacy: Lebron James Opens Public School in Akron, Ohio

Some call him “King James”. Others refer to him as “The King”. We’ll simply stick to the roots and call him Lebron James. 

Mr. James has been in the news cycle this summer. No we’re not talking about his move from Cleveland to Los Angeles, but something else that took center stage in national headlines. Despite his move to LA, Lebron James aims to leave a lasting impact on his hometown of Akron through his new school for at risk students.

On July 30th, 240 students comprised of 3rd and 4th graders became the first class to walk through the halls at the “I Promise School”.  James partnered with the school district to make sure children gain access to a quality education. Students will receive free bikes, with helmets of course (safety first kids), free meals, and get this, free college tuition at the University of Akron!

LeBron is a perfect example of how each of us can better ourselves and also better our communities. As a youth, Mr. James was classified as an at risk child growing up with a single mother and his father in prison. But while other athletes have squandered the opportunities provided them through prodigal living, LeBron made a personal choice at a young age to invest in himself.

Although his basketball talent allowed him to skip college, he continued to grow and pursue personal development. He pursued knowledge, educated himself, and learned to be financially literate. Mr. James has earned about 250 million in salary during his career, but his net worth is upwards of 450 million. He has established multiple businesses and continues to grow his brand. Why you ask?- because he has proven to be a clever African, invest in you!!


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