5th Grader Raises $50K For Invention That Prevents Child Hot Car Deaths

Meet Bishop Curry, a 10 year old from Texas. He’s also the creator of a device that is designed to detect and alert guardians of potentially deadly temperatures in cars.

The device attaches to children’s car seats. If it senses that a child has been left behind in the seat, it will send an alert, while also emitting cool air until the child has been rescued.

Curry was motivated by tragedy when he heard the story of a 6 month old baby dying after accidentally being left in a hot car for 4 hours.

In order to get his idea off the ground, Curry and his father made a GoFundMe page to finance the development, manufacturing, and legal fees of the project. Even though Curry is only 10 years old, that hasn’t stopped him from meeting leading engineering and automotive companies such as Toyota ($TM), Tesla ($TSLA), and others. Young Bishop may save many lives because he developed his idea by investing in himself. If he can do it, why not you, age is nothing but a number!


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