The Clever African One Year Anniversary

Time waits for no one! Not even a Clever African. Three hundred and sixty-five days later we would like to acknowledge the one year anniversary of The Clever African.  It is amazing that the idea behind this blog was conceived on 9/22/2016, the preparation and organization took place from October to December, and TCA was able to publish its very first blog post entitled “The Inauguration” on 1/8/2017.  

Over the course of 2017, TCA has published 36 blog entries explaining the principles behind financial management, clever travel habits, relevant current events, and also highlighting black excellence in America. Our most read post being “The Need For A Financial Blueprint” and our most shared post being “Financial Pillar #1 Budgeting”.  We want to thank our 873 users who have read, commented, shared, contacted us with valuable suggestions, and interacted with us on social media.

Adding to a successful year, we were able to take positive financial steps both privately and publicly. Through our “investment challenge”, TCA started a case study to practically demonstrate to our users the value of investing; to date, our blog has made a 13% profit from the original principal we contributed. Privately, our team has lived out the message of TCA; the results include the early repayment of student loan debt as well as a 40% profit on personal investments amongst other things [180% profit from the ‘rippling’ new world cryptocurrency].

Time waits for no one, and now is the time to push forward. The mission remains the same: to develop and empower a generation of financially literate and socially conscious citizens across the African diaspora. With the infusion of cryptocurrency into the marketplace and the reliability of the stock market in the recent past, the financial avenues remain expansive and promising. If you were not along for the ride in 2017, it is not too late to join us in 2018. Invest in you, be a Clever African.


We encourage you to leave comments below on any thoughts relating to this post.  If you have private suggestions or feedback, feel free to send us a message.


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