“Win Win: The Ultimate Packing Guide”

We have embarked on a beautiful journey, ranging in topics that allow for us all to be on the winning side when traveling.

We complete the Win-Win travel series with The Ultimate Travel Packing Guide by Eagle Creek

Here are the 7 steps to the Ultimate Travel Packing covered in the comprehensive guide:

  1. Choosing Your Main Luggage
  2. Organizing Your Stuff
  3. Packing Your Toiletry Bag
  4. Preparing Your Personal Item Carry-On Bag
  5. Collecting Important Documents, Cash, and Credit Cards
  6. Considering Travel Security
  7. Preparing Your Home

Make sure to click the link above as each step is attended to in great detail, covering a vast range of subtopics; truly making it a win-win situation for you, The Clever African.  Remember, “Careful planning keeps you ahead”


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