Spotlight- Angel Rich

Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone and how revolutionary that was to society? Now I want you to imagine a Black woman revolutionizing personal finance.

Rich developed the app Credit Stacker for free. It is a game just like Candy Crush but instead of just playing it mindlessly, you’ll actually learn key terms, phrases and concepts to help you in your financial endeavors. A slight bio on Angel Rich. While she was in college Rich won a Goldman Sachs Portfolio Challenge because the algorithm she developed resulted in a net portfolio gain of 2% when the market tanked in 2008. She also won Prudential’s National Case competition for her marketing plan for reaching millennials. As a result of this victory, Rich was offered an opportunity at Prudential in any field she desired. She choose to become a global market research analyst.

Rich began conceptualizing Credit Stacker in 2009 but did not leave her job until 2012. She had helped generate $6 billion in revenue for Prudential but decided to say “adios” after receiving an underwhelming $30,000 bonus and an offer to pay for her MBA. In 2013, she launched The Wealth Factory Inc., a D.C.-based firm that designs financial literacy and workforce development education technology games. In addition to being recognized by former first lady Michelle Obama, she literally wrote the book on why there is a financial gap between Black and White America — History of the Black Dollar. The book was released back in May of this year. Sis is on Go, chale!


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A special shout out to Bridget Boakye for putting us on to this phenomenal woman!

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