“Win-Win: 5 Things To Know On Your Next Trip”

Have you ever had the moment where you wished you had known something before it happened? “Why couldn’t someone tell me this before!” I’ve heard that the wise learn from their own mistake and the wisest learn from the mistakes of others. From these 5 bullet points today, we will be among the wisest on our next travel experience. Congratulations in advance, Clever Africans!

#1 Do It Now.

Make sure that you do every single thing you want to do on your itinerary on top of all the random events that come along a fulfilling trip. Have you been on a trip where you had your plans set to go to places, and experience everything you had in mind just to make it to the end of the trip and say i’ll do that next time I come? Yes, that has been me and guess what, the “next” time has yet to come. Do not leave with what ifs because places change all the time. What if the next time you get to go back, that landmark or that store, or that attraction isn’t there anymore?  Seize the day, Carpe Diem!

#2 ABC

Always Be Charging! On any trip, whether long or short, it is important to make sure your devices are ready for use. Portable chargers are a necessity as they provide convenience as well as support in emergency situations. You do not want your camera, phone, or tablet’s battery to die on you while you are taking that perfect shot or while you’re trying to call for transportation or 911.

#3 Distribution

Never have all your important forms of identification in the same bag. Have copies of them and keep them distributed in different locations. The same goes for credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash; keep them distributed so that in case of a loss or a stolen bag,  you are not in a complete disarray.

#4 Just In Case.

Devices, electricity, and internet connections are subject to fail and I heard that the most prepared people always have a backup plan. Please print your entire itinerary, flight tickets, and confirmations. Store these with your passport! Have a checklist of all the items you are taking on your trip, so that you can use it again when you are on your leave from the trip.






#5 Enjoy Your Time!

When things are out of your control, take a deep breath and don’t stress on what you can’t control. Really, just ENJOY YOUR TIME!


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