“Win-Win: Booking Living Accommodations”

Planning living accommodations for the duration of a trip is of primal importance because the conditions of the environment can impact the entire experience; for better or for worse. Here are two tips for booking effective living accommodations.

  1. Booking starts with knowing what kind of living experience you desire and how much you are willing to spend. Answer these questions:
  • What is my price range of affordability per night, according to my budget?
  • Do I want to be around natives who can show me around?
  • Do I want a singular, private space or a shared space?
  • Do I want to be in a hotel, condo, apartment, or in a house?

Reflecting on the answers to these questions allows the search to become easier; consider this situation: I can only spend $80 per night. I want to be around people who can show me around the neighborhood but I want to be in a private space (condo or house). In knowing these preferences, my best choices in finding housing will most likely be through Airbnb or Roomorama Booking. In addition posting a status on my Facebook wall could result in a friendly living accommodation.


  1. After deciding exactly what your living preferences are and what your budget allows for, you can truly make the win-win decision in booking, so clap it up for making it past the first phase. If you do not have any distinct preferences, the best way to booking for the Clever African is to consider all your options as follows:
  • Listing Rentals: low-budget to luxury listings for travelers looking for an at home experience in a place away from home. Consider Airbnb and  Roomorama.
  • Hostels: low-budget accommodations shared among travelers. When you book a stay in here, you typically book a bed for the night. Here you will meet the most diverse and interesting people in one space.
  • Couchsurfing/Staydu: networks for budget travelers who need a place to stay, and hosts, who like to meet new people.You can receive accommodation from the host for free, a small fee or for some help (chores/housework) you may be able to offer the host.
  • House Sitting: staying in someone’s home while they are gone, keeping up the place while getting paid for it and allowing to explore the area if you’re already traveling there.
  • Facebook Post: simply putting out a request to your friends for anyone willing to accommodate you for a mutually negotiable deal.
  • Hotel/Motel: Booking hotels work best as a packaged deal with flights as you usually get a discount for your purchase. Check out Trivago for sole hotel deals as well as the apps and websites highlighted here.

Be a Clever African and plan ahead! Remember this wise saying, “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.”


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