Good Livin’ – Steven Rousseau and Brownstone Wellness

You know you should have been in the gym this fall. Yea, you! Don’t act like you don’t know! Anyways, we can understand why maybe you were avoiding the gyms in the first place. Everything from the body builders that feel the need to grunt after reps, to those who just love to drop weights on the floor just to make their presence felt, literally. But there is another way! Brownstone Wellness is more than just a fitness company, Brownstone Wellness promotes a healthy lifestyle. Whether its through resistance training, corrective exercise, stretching, yoga, nutrition or holistic ways of healing, Brownstone Wellness looks to build a healthy body from within. When you think of a Brownstone, you think of strong structure. So in this case the Brownstone is your body, and Brownstone Wellness look to build a strong foundation through wellness to create optimum health. You can find out more about the business on Facebook, or follow Steven Rousseau @bstonewellness or visit their website at

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