“Win-Win: Booking Ground Transportation”

When traveling domestically, one of the most efficient ways to get around is through ground transportation. For the purposes of this discussion ground transportation covers two categories: Private (car rentals) and Public (Train/Bus). So, how do we find the best deals each time?

In order for you, the Clever African to find the best deals each time, it is in your best interest to begin planning at least a month in advance. Be sure not to worry, even with a late travel notice or with a spontaneous desire to travel, you can snag the most efficient, money saving booking through this process.

Private Transportation

Take advantage of apps and innovative technology and spend less money than you would at traditional rental companies. Are you under 25 and tired of paying daily underage fees? Are you tired of paying daily fees for insurance? Have you ever heard of Airbnb? Well guess what, there are ones made just for cars. Here are a list of the apps you can check out from my transportation folder:


Of these, Turo is my favorite and here is why:

  1. One time young drivers fee for duration of entire trip (of which I’ve never seen a price over $30)
  2. One time mandatory insurance fee ( also never seen a price over $30)
  3. Legitimacy: car verification, payment verification and membership verification For all renters And owners
  4. Lower possibility for scams As ID’s and licenses are photographed and stored into the Turo App.
  5. Variety of car choices
  6. Availability of car delivery services
  7. Photographs of car uploaded before and after rental
  8. Renters and owners are reviewed

The app functions similarly to booking an Airbnb, essentially car owners rent out their cars for individuals to use over their desired length of time.

Public Transportation

Let’s say you want to take a trip from New York to Washington D.C or from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you can get there for a large sum of $5 and maybe even less for each one way trip. Yes, maybe even $1 If you book your trip early enough. Here, the picture tells a thousand words. The trick is knowing which app to use.  And for us Clever Africans, Wanderu is a one-stop shop for the best deals for your buck.















Remember this wise saying, ” if you seek you will find, if you ask, it will be given to you, if you knock, the doors will be opened for you!” So make sure you plan ahead and travel on the ground in the most efficient way, The Clever African way. Invest in you!

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