“Win-Win: Putting Together An Effective Travel Plan, EveryTime! ”

Companies like Travel Noire and African American Travelers have figured out that there is a need and a desire for individuals to travel, but they have also identified missing pieces and have decided to fill in those missing pieces with themselves, don’t you wish you thought of it first!

Now you are wondering what are the missing pieces here but take a second to reflect within yourself.  Ask yourself, do I want to go somewhere I’ve never been? Do I want to have a first hand experience of a culture I’ve learned of or been curious about? How can I plan a trip without ever going  there? How can I find the best deal for my buck? Do I want to go by myself?

From reflecting you can figure out what is missing for yourself, so take in this quote:

“Most people want to travel to challenge themselves, to find themselves, to experience breathtaking sights, to eat authentic foods, to relax, to laugh, without breaking the bank and taking in the experience with people that bring out good vibes; they want to have a completely fulfilling experience!”

It doesn’t matter if the trip is intra-state, inter-state, coastal, or global, most people want to have a good experience when they are traveling. You can truly have a good time, free of worry and full of experience if you plan exceptionally well and have all your costs accounted for. For this reason you’ve either got to book a trip through trusted agencies or you have to do it  yourself efficiently. I am the do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person, thus I call the timely process of trip planning, whether domestic or international, “Win-Win: Putting Together An Effective Travel Plan, Every Time! ”

In the next few weeks, I will be using domestic travel within the United States as a platform to share conceptual strategies with tangible applications. I will be sharing tactics I use on planning for the basic needs of a trip: Booking Ground Transportation, Air Transportation, and Living Accommodations.

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Remember, “You Reap What You Sow.” If we clever Africans plan well, our experience traveling will be like tasting ripe fruit right of its tree: sweet and refreshing.

Invest In You!

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