New Beginnings

It has been said that “Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting,” but we would be wise to pay more attention to less superficial traits: character. This concept has been applied as The Clever African began its work:

“To educate and empower a generation of financially literate and socially conscious citizens across the African diaspora.”

Just as character and compatibility are important than beauty when it comes to building long-term relationships, laying down the 7 pillar blueprint of TCA was significant in establishing the foundation for the long-term financial fitness of our readers. Now with this solid foundation, we can build freely!!

So, where do we go from here? Financial freedom is the aim and we will continue to develop the 7 pillar blueprint and expand on them with each new post. In our preliminary posts we gave a general overview of major themes such as budgeting, investing, and retirement amongst others.  Moving forward, we will continue to address more specific topics within these broad themes and dive a bit deeper into the nuances that every clever African should know.

Asides from this, we will be expanding. We will be incorporating some new features into our website to provide even more resources for all of our readers.  We will be incorporating content to highlight specific areas such as:

  • Travel – how to budget, plan, and find discounts
  • Clever Africans – Highlight successful Black Individuals
  • Financial markets – news and current events in this dynamic financial world
  • Highlight Successful Black-owned businesses
  • LifeHacks – Practical life hacks to make your everyday life easier


We are excited about these new additions and we want to provide a wholesome, practical website for all of our visitors. We are bringing diversity and spontaneity, producing the above-mentioned posts throughout the week. We encourage you to use all the resources that will be provided on this platform. Together, one brick at a time, we are going to build on our pillars, fortifying our abstract financial homes, and securing our financial freedom.  Invest In You!

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